Smileys Best Edits

To me, today’s DJ Edit culture can be split into two camps.
There are the Revisionists, who take a lot of time in the studio remaking tracks with new beats and added effects (Much  respect to guys like The Reflex, Late Nite Tuff Guy and Todd Terje who operate in this world). Then there are the Editors. Like those who work in the journalistic field, these guys (and gals) just cut and polish the original work to make it a little better, a little more usable.
I see myself in the latter camp. I use a very old and simple editing program and prefer working with the original elements to create something that is easy to mix into my sets and is of the right duration (not too long & not too short). I focus a lot on the songs structure and will cut down extended mixes, extend radio versions, and utilise instrumental versions to get the result I’m after.
My Best Edits series makes available some of my favourite touch ups. Many are tracks that I would have not played at all had I not given them some treatment. And because I enjoy writing and sharing my process, each release includes a a bit of a description of the tracks and what I’ve done to them.
I hope you find them useful and enjoyable. Cheers Smiley
Click on the first link to download each collection via Google Drive.
Best Edits 01 – Soul Pop 00s 10s. View tracklist.
Best Edits 02 – R&B Hip Hop 00s. View tracklist.