Playlists & Stings

Curated Playlists
As a DJ for 25 years and Music Writer for 15 years, Andrew Peters (aka DJ Smiley) has the knowledge and experience to tailor a music playlist for almost any occasion.
Over the years, Andrew has curated music playlists for event themes including Speakeasy/Swing, South American, 80s and Children
Andrew has put together many playlists for Parties and Weddings,
and more recently has produced playlists for office and restaurant environments including Harris Real Estate, The Botanic Gardens Restaurant and Maximilians in the Adelaide Hills.

Email Andrew directly at [email protected] for more information on a Music Playlist that suits you.

Music Stings & Editing
Been to an Awards night and heard uninspired or inappropriate songs being used as stings for the Award winners?
It can be such a mood killer for what’s meant to be a celebration of achievement.
With over ten years experience choosing and editing songs that create the right atmosphere for such events,
why take the chance leaving your music choices in the hands of someone who doesn’t really care.

Contact Andrew about programming the Stings for your next event.