Turning Point – Wireless Audience Response System

Three Reasons offers the Turning Point wireless audience response system to clients wishing to collect data easily and accurately from participants at events such as quiz nights, market research seminars, surveys and lectures. This user-friendly system tabulates results instantaneously via wireless credit card size keypads to a laptop interface and can be displayed to the audience via data projector / LCD screens.

At quiz night events, this system makes the process of collating answers extremely quick and easy, and builds the excitement level in the room via response percentages appearing onscreen instantly before the final answer is shown. For market research and surveys, respondents can remain anonymous, results can be analysed and reported in numerous ways and output made available at the end of the session almost immediately.

The computer interface is user-friendly and easily modified to suit the clients requirements. The credit-card size Keepads are lightweight, reliable, durable and feature an LCD display for visual confirmation of participant choices and actions. The Keepads range extends over 60m and they do not interfere with other electronic/mobile devices.

The Turning Point system is widely recognised as one of the best on the market, and we’ve had unanimously positive responses from clients and participants who’ve utilised our packages.

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